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VersaTorr BVT100 Series Pirani Transducers

Ultra-wide range pirani/piezo transducer with an atmospheric switch function.

The VersaTorr BVT100/125 Series Pirani Transducers offers best-in-class performance and has established new standards by extending the useable measuring range for thermal conductivity vacuum gauges by 1-3 decades.

The VersaTorr BVT100/125 Series is based on cutting edge MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) sensor technology, combined with a novel precision digital signal processing architecture and advanced innovative measurement algorithms. Together with precision automated manufacturing and calibration processes, these elements in combination provide a unique product capable of uncompromised measurement performance.

The well-known gas dependency in the rough vacuum range of thermal conductivity gauges has been eliminated by integrating a MEMS diaphragm sensor that offers precision performance comparable to more expensive capacitance manometers. This feature ensures more accurate control of vacuum system venting processes and can prevent over-pressurization of the vacuum system.


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BVT100 Series Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-wide measuring range of 9 decades
  • Advanced digital signal processing provides unmatched price performance ratio
  • Gas independent diaphragm sensor from 2 to 1333 mbar
  • Easy configuration via Brooks Vacuum Transducer Communicator USB programmer
  • Ultra-Stable Zero-point drift compensation
  • Optional solid state setpoint relay for process control


  • Load locks
  • Transfer chambers
  • Forelines
  • Vacuum roughing lines
  • Thin film processing
Product Type
Pirani Transducer

Dual Sensor: MEMS Pirani and Piezo Diaphragm

Ambient - 50 oC
Pressure Range

7.5x10-7 Torr through 1000 Torr


7.5x10-5 to7.49x10-3 Torr: ±5%

7.5x10-3 to7.49 Torr: ±5%

7.50 to 7.49 Torr: ±1%

75 Torr to 1000 Torr: ≤±0.5%

Measurement Range
9 decades
Temperature Effect

Ambient - 50 oC

Exposed Materials
304 Stainless steel, Kovar, glass, silicon, nickel, aluminum, SiO2, Si3N4, gold, Viton®, low out-gassing epoxy resin, solder, RO4305
Over Pressure Limit
10 bar absolute
Analog Communication

0.5-9.5 Vdc (1V per decade)

Digital Communication



Electrical Connection

9 Pin D-sub male

15 pin HD D-sub male

15 pin HD D-Sub male / dual analog out

6 pin Hirschmann, ID res 3K

6 pin Hirschmann, ID res 5.1K

6 pin Hirschmann, ID res 9.1K/11.1K

8 pin RJ45 / FCC68, ID Res 27K

8 pin RJ45 / FCC68, ID Res 36K

8 pin RJ45 / FCC68, ID Res 43K

Power Supply / Consumption
240 mW (max)
Directive EU 2015/863 EMC directive 2014/30/EU
Filename File Type Documents By Language
Data Sheet pdf English

Use the following guide (model code information from data sheet) to translate the CAD configurations available below. If you need assistance or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.


Electrical Connection



15pin D Sub

VersaTorr GUI
Transducer settings and parameters can be programmed from a PC via the VersaTorr GUI.